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Boughs for Sale! Tons! (Literally…)

Our boughs are a mix of Fraser, Balsam and Fraser-Balsam hybrids.

If you have a preference for a particular species (e.g. Balsam for flat garland), we can accommodate special orders

Bring Your Own Containers:

We will fill your containers (including truck beds)
2024 price: $0.62 per gallon
(Equates to about $0.81 per pound with our method of filling containers "above the top")
Large volume discount available. 


Use Our Pre-filled Containers:
2024 Pricing:

  • *The weight per gallon typically varies +/- 5% depending on density and wetness. This is the weight of the boughs only, not including the tote/gaylord. 

  • Gaylords are carboard boxes that are triple-walled, water-resistant, open-top and have a wood pallet base

  • We typically fill containers "above the top," so that they are level with or slightly above the top when elastic nets are used. 

  • Containers can be brought back any time during our retail selling season, or by appointment later

  • Gaylord containers can be broken down and stored flat (and returned to us flat)

  • No time limit on returning containers for deposits. If you wish to keep totes for future use, that is fine by us.

  • We will help load containers onto trailers, buyers are responsible for securing and strapping loads

Tree Tops:

Tops are from previously high-cut trees, and usually have cones.

Perfect Centerpieces for porch pots

2024 Price: $12 per top

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To Order:

Email us at

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